Southeast Construction Group (SCG) has provided numerous services for many decades to both third party public and private clients and for company affiliates. These services vary based on the project and location and include-

    — Development Manager
    — Construction Manager
    — Project Manager
    — Design/Builder
    — General Contractor
    — Homebuilder
    — Remodeler
    — Development/Construction Consultant

Since 2017, SCG has focused on renovation and upgrades to assets and real estate properties which it retains a direct or indirect equity interest in , through affiliates or sole/partner ownership

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Our Services

Consolidating the disciplines of development management, architecture, engineering, landscape design, construction management and property management, Southeast Construction Group’s design/build capabilities provide a holistic approach that is attuned to the particular requirements of our client’s project. Design/build offers operational advantages to clients through a simplified contract with a single entity and the ability to fast-track work based on the close relationship between the designer and the builder.

Here at SCG, our many years as a development and construction manager form a strong foundation for our design/build services. We utilize our experience to create an integrated design/build team customized to the needs and goals of the project by providing a single-point of responsibility, assigning a team comprised of experts in the type of facility being built, and a senior-level executive in an active role to manage the overall effort.

SCG’s development management and design/build services dispense with your responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer and the builder – a single contract covers architecture, engineering and construction services. This turnkey solution addresses all aspects of design and construction management and offers a platform to save you time and money.

Allow SCG to maximize your savings and simplify the development and construction process. Our design and construction teams work collaboratively, so communication is streamlined and the teams bring you value-engineered solutions throughout the project.

Benefits of the SCG Approach:
    — Owner manages just one contract
    — Early knowledge of total project cost, before design work is completed, at reduced initial investment
    — Builder input during design, ongoing budgeting, and value-engineering
    — Reduced change order potential
    — Single entity responsible for design and construction
    — Collaborative rather than adversarial relationship between architect and builder
    — Owner may participate in subcontractor selection
    — Design/builder’s fee established at beginning of project

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